Loreal True Match

Name: Loreal true match

Product: Foundation

Color: N4 / Nude Beige

Copy: “Super Blended Foundation. Matches perfectly the skin texture and tone!”

Features: SPF 17 / PA ++ // Hyaluronic Acid

Price: +/- IDR 170K


1. The product is lighter than any regular foundations. It contains more water and that makes the product blends better to your skin.

2. They have so many color options, much more than any BB creams and foundations. So you can really find the perfect match to your skin tone.

3. It covers acne perfectly without being “too much”

4. It stays perfectly for 7 hours.

5. I think they nailed it! I definitely will buy this product again đŸ™‚


If your skin type is dry, you may want to check their mineral true match as well. ^^




B for Blush On

Some of the friends were asking me about my blush on brand that I have been using recently and to answer that question, it is Maybelline peachy color.

But I tell you what, it is not the brands that make your blush on color stands out but it is more to the techniques on how you apply the products to you face.

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Followings are the tips:

1. It is a must that at least you have these two colors: pink and peach.

2. Pink for morning and evening, peach for the afternoon event.

3. Apply your blush on after bronzer. Always!

4. For a natural look, apply the blush on ONLY on your cheek bones.

5. Cheek bones are the areas on you cheeks that reveal when you are smiling.

6. There are kinds of blush on: powder, compact and mousse. I personally like the compact and mousse ones because I can really control the redness on my cheeks by applying the blush on a bit by bit, while the powder is really big and I need to use kabuki brush to apply this on my cheek – not really practical.



The Body Shop: Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

It took me a while before I decided to write this review because I really think I need to give it sometime before I can really see the result of this night cream product.

I bought The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream because I believe that vitamin E is the natural antioxidant for the skin; it cost me IDR 159K for 50ml. When I applied the cream for the first time, I realized that it contains lots of oil which is very good to prevent early aging skin. Nevertheless, it really moisturizes the skin and it feels really good in the morning, because sometimes the air conditioner really keeps your skin dry during the night.

Lastly, this product absorbs really quick and it doesn’t clog the pores. Now tell me how can I not love this product?  đŸ™‚

I hope you like it.

xxx, C.

NYX. Yes NYX, Darlings… ^^

NYX is one of my favorite make up brand. Unfortunately, I found difficulties to get the products in Jakarta.

But.. but but but…..

I got some information that they have NYC counters at followings malls:

1. Matahari Pluit

2. Matahari Pejaten

3. Matahari Mall Taman Anggrek

4. Centro Plaza Semanggi

They also have their studios eX Plasa, Lt 1 # 19 and La Piaggio, La Piazza – Kelapa Gading (near XXI Theater).

I don’t know if this is a good news for you, but definitely it is for me. I’m so excited!

lots of love,


Source: http://nyxindonesia.multiply.com/

Elseve Smooth-Intense L’OREAL

Thanks to my impulsiveness, yes I am very impulsive apparently, I bought Elseve Smooth together with Dove Hair Therapy at the same time. But the another product did not urge me to write any recommendation like Elseve Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum by L’OREAL. Why?

I love how this product really gives me the kind of smoothness that I always wanted without being too oily. Other product that I used before usually were very oily and after an hour eventually it would look so bad, because it’s adding the oil to my oily hair type.

If you decide to use this product, remember to let your hair dry enough before put it on your hair and maybe you should use it about two hours before use any hot tools as well. The reason why Elseve is a oil serum based product and you would destroy the serum with hair iron tools. Beside, you would literally fry your hair with the oil contained in the product.

I know you would love it.



PS: Am I the only one who loves Firework by Katy Perry?

HD Primer – Make Up For Ever

I don’t know if it’s common, but I use this product in daily basis ever since I bought it a week ago. What would I say, I fall in love with this product for real.

The primer does its job very well. It gives the perfect skin based, it holds the make up longer and it reveals all the face product that I use after primer. What more could I say? You just have to buy this product!

They call it HD (stands for High Definition) because the primer will give you the best result in pictures and video, this makes the product perfect for picture taking session or even video.

It cost me IDR 350K for 30 ml purple primer tube. An additional thing that I love about this product is the fact that it has a very good smell, so I would feel relax in every time I use the product.



Bronzer. Some Tips.

I went to a party and met this beautiful woman with a perfect hair do and dressed like a superstar. Despite the fact that she was not, she has perfect curl on her hair, very nice shoes which matched her clutch color. She was dominated by gold color with black as the accent on her dress. I would think she was a superstar as if she didn’t look that pale, as if she would wear the bronzer…

To make a flawless skin based, we have been told to use the primer-foundation-concealer on the top of our face. The technique gives you an opportunity to hide all the flaws by literally making another layers in our face; however, at the same time it hides all of our natural color. The sun is the one that gives us this color and it gives lively color around our forehead, apple cheeks, nose, neck, etc.

By applying the bronzer, we could get that ‘lively color’ back to our skin face. Then after I told you about why does this product exist, I think now you have the idea in understanding where to put the bronzer in your skin face.


1. Choose the perfect bronzer is very tricky.  One thing to remember, it should be darker to your skin tone but you don’t want it to be too dark.

2. Put the bronzer from your forehead, down to your temple, then the apple cheeks and your neck. Make sure your face skin color is equal with your neck and shoulder skin color.

3. Use the angled brush, it makes all the work much easier.

4. Put the bronzer before blush on.

5. Stand facing the light and check if you have put the bronzer correctly. You know that it is too much if you look like people who live in the desert for a thousand years.

6. Done!

Kiss, Claudia

Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls

I’ve been using this bronzer for five months and I need to admit that I have nothing to complained about. The brand actually sells two different kind colors of bronzer, the pink and the brown peachy ones. I bought the brown peachy one because I don’t think bronzer should be pink [that is why it called bronzer; it should be brown].

Rather than a normal bronzer powder, they come up with different colors of small marbles package. It contains yellow, brown, and pink marbles so we could really combine and make our own bronzer color. For additional, they give a good quality of mirror inside.

The downside about this product is I don’t think that their marbles pearly packaging is the best packaging solution. The marble some times jumped out from the package when I was using it.

You could get this product from Oriflame, IDR 198k. However you need to provide the angled brush on your own because the package doesn’t come up with it.

Bronzer is really crucial make up product because it creates natural look for the face. I will try to write about tips to use bronzer to make the best of it.



Foundation, Concealer, and Primer

I remember that it took time before I fully understand the different between foundation, concealer and primer. I was asking my self if I really need to use all these products. Then of course to understand, I need know what each product is used for.


Primer used as the preparation for our skin, literally primer is making the color of our skin equal. Our daily activities [sun, acne, etc] sometime can cause the imbalance of our skin color so the primer would do its job by equalizing the color in our face, moreover primer is sundering our skin face from contacting any products make up directly. It doesn’t hide any flaws but it does make our skin glow. Some people used primer as the base before they put eyeshadow, because primer could also keep the eyeshadow stay longer and reveal the most color of it.


What differentiated foundation to primer is the fact that foundation gives alternatives colors to be used. We could have different kind of looks by adjusting the foundation used, bright or tanned or glow or what ever you want it just by accelerating the foundation colors. It does cover your flaws because it gives a “new” layer for our skin.


Last but not least, concealer. The benefits of using concealer is because it covers any flaws that could not be covered with the foundation. It covers scars, dark circle, acnes or any black spot. So different than foundation, we use concealer in the specific area that we want to cover.

The Order

To make the most out of these three, we need to know the order when using these in our skin face.

Assuming that all these three products are liquid/cream based, the order is: primer – foundation – concealer, then you could apply the powder. This technique will help us to set the make up last longer. ^^

Hope these tips help! Happy trying.

Love, Claudia.


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